Guild of Independent Currencies

A supportive network

Our high profile has inspired many other areas and regions to consider starting a local currency and over 30 have contacted us for help. This led us to create the Guild of Independent Currencies as a facilitating supportive network for these emerging currencies. It was launched in November 2014 with a conference in Bristol, where seventy delegates from 12 different UK regions attended including Liverpool, Cardiff, Peterborough, Southampton and Exeter.

This scheme is currently funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) specifically to further establish the Guild of Independent Currencies as a national network. This will involve communicating with members, promoting the organisation, promoting local currencies, facilitating meetings and conferences for members. It would also involve developing the structure of the Guild so it becomes self-supporting in the future.

We have regular conferences and meet ups to share information, so far these have been in Bristol in November 2014 and Exeter in June 2015, both have been invigorating for those attending. Our next conference will be in Liverpool on the 20th and 21st April 2016.

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